Receiving payments shouldn't be hard

How long does it take to process your payments? Automation of your accounts receivables can save hours in your week.

There are many benefits to scanning and electronic posting of your payments, but the two biggest are time savings and customer service. Electronic processing will reduce the time CSR's take manually entering the payments. With electronic processing companies remove the valuable time used to follow the paper trail to research keystroke errors.

If your business uses payment coupons or other remittance documents you can benefit. Whether you are a government agency, utility, insurance, credit card or property management company, medical or dental office, service company or any type of business that hand posts payments, we can demonstrate an affordable, flexible, easy to use solution to significantly reduce the time and costs associated with payment processing

Savings and Benefits

Customer service enhanced

  • The information and images are stored and available for research.
  • Images and information can be searched from any computer.


  • Deposits can be made any time of the day (Note: most banks have cut-off times for same day credits).
  • Deposits can be made by each department or lumped into one deposit for the organization.
  • Multiple accounts can be scanned and tracked with one or multiple scanners.
Reduce staff time
Reduced operating cost
Increase customer satisfaction
Reduce paperwork
Centralize operations



1:  Prepare
Open envelopes and gather the checks and remittance stubs

2:  Scan & Balance
Scan the checks and/or remittance stubs into the system and balance any out of balance transactions.

3:  Post & Deposit
Electronically post the payments to your accounting software and deposit checks to the bank of your choosing


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"In 2007 we automated our tax payment process. We now do more work with less personnel, can quickly and easily research customer payments and leverage the system for record retention requirements. Would recommend to anyone looking to automate check payment processing."
Itasca County, MN
ARProcessHow do you know which accounts receivable automation software is right for you?

To determine what level of account receivable automations you should consider the following:

How many items do you process in a month?
How much time and staff is needed in your current procedure to process payment?
When you receive the payments, do you receive remittance stubs with the checks?
Do you want the ability to efficiently scan your payments from different locations?
Do you want to keep all the information in-house or have it hosted on a secure site?

There are four basic levels of in-house check processing software.

Check Archive is much like microfilming. Check Archive is a simple solution to just gather the check image. Unlike some other archiving software, Check Archive will also store the check MICR information and optional dollar amount.
Remote Deposit is an inexpensive check scanning solution made for the organizations that "just need to get the checks to the bank".
Desktop Remit much like MirrorImage PPS (below), DesktopRemit can handle processing of remittance stubs and checks, just on a smaller scale.
MirrorImage PPS is the most popular and robust of the four in-house options. By scanning the remittance stubs and checks, PPS will save significant time and money compared to hand processing. There are many additional options and add-ons which can assist in simplifying the task of processing payments. Consult one of our specialist to see what PPS can do for you.

There are two basic levels of hosted solutions.

Internet Deposit is just like Remote Deposit above. With Internet Deposit you are scanning the checks only and electronically depositing them.
WebRemit is for those who want the speed, power and convenience of electronic payment processing but don't want the cost of software, server space or possible extra computers.
"Girard's has not only automated our entire accounts receivables processing function, it has also significantly reduced the time and effort required to process payments."
New Richmond Utilities, WI
Banks offer online bill payment to its customers to virtually any biller from the bank's website. In most cases, a paper check, known as a bill-pay check, is generated and it mailed. This typically takes about four to six days before the customer's payment is received.

We have found these have cause issues and headaches to the employees inputing them in your system.

  1. If the customer does not allow for the additional time necessary when initiating the online payment, it could result in late fees or service cutoffs. Thus, also the possibility of a call to customer service complaining they made the payment in time
  2. If the customer has the wrong account number on the check, the headache of looking up the correct account.

We provide a single connection point where you will receive your payments electronically. This will give you the benefit of receiving payments faster thereby increasing cash flow, eliminate the need to manage multiple electronic payment connections and reduce operating cost.

"Girard's has always been able to meet and exceed our expectations and we are very pleased with the service and software they provide."
Kwik Trip, WI
Accept payments by credit card, debit card, and electronic check all day every day

Internet Payments

Voice Response Payments

Our mobile payment solution uses only a smartphone and a QR (quick response) code or a web or email link for you to accept payments.

Digital Wallet Payments Made Instantly From Any Smartphone

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