At any given time, between 3% and 5% of an organization's files are lost or misplaced.
- Information Weekly

How does your company access critical business data and applications? Do you hunt them through a forest of filing cabinets? Perhaps they are nested deep in the network, folder after folder. Can you access your information quickly, efficiently and get what you need the first time?

Being efficient is a never-ending process. Companies are always striving to increase efficiency in operations while minimizing process defects and improving overall performance. In addition to the environmental benefits and cost reductions associated with moving to a paperless environment, going paperless decreases the time involved in nearly every aspect of traditional document processing.

If you are a small or large organization, we take your document management to the Maxx. Our electronic document management solution can be scaled as your needs require.

MaxxDocs MaxxDocs

MaxxDocs is the simplest and most cost-effective document management system.  MaxxDocs gives smaller organizations the same benefits as larger organizations without upsetting the budget.

MaxxDocs is the economical way to get started with document management initiative. With an easy and familiar interface, organizations experience virtually not resistance or time wasted learning a new process. 

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MaxxVault MaxxVault

So how do you keep track when the information is spread between different applications, stored in different locations, hidden within network directories, strewn through various e-mails or isolated on a particular workstation? The best answer is easy: MaxxVault document management software.

The big brother to MaxxDocs, MaxxVault has many features and functions not included in MaxxDocs. E-Forms, workflow, email import and automated actions (importing, filing, indexing, etc.) are only a few.

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MaxxCloud MaxxCloud

The Cloud is freeing organizations of all sizes from the distraction and expense of maintaining their IT infrastructure, allowing them to focus on their core competencies. Naturally, no one wants to move their software to a hosted solution if it means they lose the functionality they currently enjoy. For that reason MaxxVault ensures users still enjoy the full benefits of their investment in document management system search, retrieval, security, document manipulation, workflow, records management and access auditing. At MaxxVault we are your document management software and enterprise content management experts.

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MaxxSafe MaxxSafe

MaxxSafe is an enterprise file sharing and syncing subscription service that allows you to share your corporate content safely and securely to external users. Retain complete control over the content being shared to external parties outside of your company. At any time, access to shared content can be revoked from both the external user or internal company user that shared the content.

MaxxSafe helps you avoid the digital abyss that exists in almost every company as staff use unsanctioned file sharing tools to overcome the need to share and collaborate on documents with people inside and outside of your organization. Gone are the days where you need to use a 3rd-party file sharing solution that doesn’t give you full control over the content being sent to external parties.


MaxxClerk MaxxClerk

Use MaxxClerk for easy retrieval of information, fast processing of new and renewal license transactions as well as printing of required City, County or State licenses.

With MaxxClerk in place, the process of approving and granting licenses to applicants is quick and easy. Requests for licenses are scanned (or filled out as electronic forms), indexed and entered into a workflow queue for processing. MaxxClerk features an easy to design workflow to route documents to the appropriate clerk(s) to begin the granting process. Once scanned, the file is completely electronic. Documents may be edited, notes can be added to them and other documents easily linked to the file. Processing of documents takes place on the computer screen. Once the licensing department clerk has completed the file, it can be routed to other people or locations with the click of a button. MaxxClerk immediately notifies the appropriate department staff by email that there is a new licensing request requiring a certain action. The department clerk will have access to the documents right on their desktop – there is no need to transport paper files. Once the department clerk has completed their action, the request can be accepted or rejected. Depending on their choices, the document is routed through the workflow accordingly.


MaxxHealth MaxxHealth

Are you associated with health care? It is not just medical clinics, hospitals, long-term care facilities, pharmacies and medical insurance providers that must comply with HIPAA; but accounting firms, law firms, staffing agencies, billing agencies, and other associates of those who principally manage healthcare records. We take protection of your client information to the Maxx. MaxxVault administrators have many features and functions they can configure to customize and restrict a user’s access. Some of these possible restrictions include: access to folders and documents, the ability to mark up a document, document editing, exporting, printing or deleting. Additionally, MaxxVault Enterprise keeps a complete audit trail for each document and each user. Click here to see how MaxxHealth will help reduce operational costs and provide better support for easier access to information within your existing EMR, ERP, and billing software.