Manage, capture and route documents over the Internet on your workstation, iPad, iPhone, Android Tablet or Smart Phone, in minutes!

MaxxCloud delivers enterprise-class document management while removing the burdens of administration, monitoring, and maintenance of an in-house data center

Where is my data kept? And What are the advatages of MaxxCloud and why should you consider working in the cloud?

Document management applications and data are hosted in a world-class data center and accessed via secure connections over the internet.  The most obvious answer to the advantaes is; Easy Acess to Information. You can access your information from anywhere with almost any advice.  But there are many more reasons working is the cloud is benifitial.

  • Unlimited Storage Growth.  Storing information in MaxxCloud gives you unlimited storage capibility.  No more need to worry about running out of storage space or increasing your current storage space availability.
  • Instant Infrastructure Updates.  Data back-ups, software upgrades and regular IT maintenance are preformed on a continual basis.  With certified engineers on-site 24x7x365, you can rest assured that your data is in good hands.
  • Cost Effective.  MaxxCloud is a cost-efective method to recap the benefits of an enterprise-class document management and workflow platform without the overhead costs of running your own IT department.
  • Quick Deployment.  MaxxCloud gives you the advantage of quick deployment. Your entire system can be fully fuctional in a matter of a few hours.
  • Backup and Recovery.  Since all your data is stored in MaxxCloud, backing it up and restoring is automatic and part of our service.


MaxxCloud can also be used to house your other business data and infrastructure. Complete, cost- effective plans include the facilities, hardware, peripherals, crisis management and technical support to help you plan for and recover from service interruptions. Let us show you how to use virtualization as a cost-effective way of controlling IT Disaster Recovery costs.



MaxxMobile is a new mobile document management app created by MaxxVault for iOS and Android smart phones and tablets. Now you can access all your doc- uments and content stored in your MaxxCloud reposi- tory right from your iPhone, iPad or Android device!


MaxxCloud Features Standard Add On
Browse Folders
Select which Folders are published to web interface
Secure Login
Support for AD ✓ *
Support SAML ✓ *
Drag and Drop from Folder to Folder
Content Upload
Update a Document Index
Subfolder creation
Document Copy
Thumbnail Preview
Merge PDF Files
Merge Image Files
Merge PDF and Image Files
Version Control
Check In
Check Out
Document Notes
Internal Document Linking
External Document Linking
Merging Linked Files
Re-order PDF file Pages
Re-order Image file pages
Support for Search View
Support for Work View
Print to MaxxCloud
Save to MaxxCloud for Word
Save to MaxxCloud for Excel
Save to MaxxCloud for PowerPoint
Save to MaxxCloud for Outlook
Outlook Search for files in MaxxCloud
Index Search
Full Text Search
Save Search Results
Legal Document Hold
Move Documents
Support for Audio Files
Support for Photos
Support for Video Files
Support for Dicom Files
Support for DWG Files
Support for MS Office Formats
Email Documents from MaxxCloud
Delete to Recycle Bin
Permanent Delete
Open Multiple Documents
Next Page
Last Page
Next Document
Download File
Document Import Report
Deleted Document Report
User Usage Report
Workflow Support
Assign Document to Workflow
Terminate a Workflow
Approve a Workflow
Complete a Workflow
Workflow Email Notifications
Reject a Workflow
Forward a Workflow
Reassign a Workflow
Workflow Status View
Admin Interface
Scan to MaxxCloud
Distributed Scanning – Sync to MaxxCloud ✓ *
Hot Folder to MaxxCloud
Print File
Document Zoom In and out
Document Fit to View
Document Notes
Document Tasks per Document
Temporary Rotate
MaxxVault Document Viewer
Embedded PDF Viewer
White Document Redaction
Black Document Redaction
Document Highlight
Document Custom Stamp Tools
Signature Stamp Tool
Touch Document Signature
Pre-define Document Signature Zone
Apply Security to Annotations and Stamps
Fuse Signature to Document Once Signed and Make Copy of Original as a Version
Audit Trail for Document and User access
Salesforce Integration ✓ *
Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration ✓ *
Microsoft Dynamics AX Integration ✓ *
Microsoft Dynamics SL Integration ✓ *
Microsoft Dynamics NAV Integration ✓ *
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration ✓ *
Blackbaud Financial Edge Integration ✓ *
Blackbaud Raisers Edge Integration ✓ *
Sage Integration ✓ *
AllScripts Integration ✓ *
Epic Integration ✓ *
McKsesson Integration ✓ *
Sharp OSA Integration ✓ *
Kyocera HyPAS Integration ✓ *
3rd Party Lookup Integration ✓ *
Barcode Bursting
Barcode Indexing
OMR support
OCR full page support
Template Based OCR zone for Batch scanning ✓ *
DocAlpha support ✓ *
Teleform support ✓ *
Rightfax support ✓ *
Psigen support ✓ *
Knowlake support ✓ *
Kofax Support ✓ *
Twain Scanning Support
Paperstream by Fujitsu Support
Download to MaxxEditor – User must have purchased a MaxxEditor Desktop License ✓ *
Support for Hybrid solution ✓ *
Encrypted File Support
Document Retention Features
SSL and TLS support – or higher 256
Disaster Recovery for merged files
Bulk File Import via FTP upload
Restrict IP addresses that can access site
MaxxMobile support for iOS
MaxxMobile support for Android
MaxxVault E-forms ✓ *
MaxxBolt Support
MaxxEngage – Secure Chat
* This denotes that additional services and/or software will need to be purchased

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