MaxxDocs 6.0 comes out of the box with up to 15 named users and is designed to manage up to 1 million documents per repository. MaxxDocs fits perfectly into a department or small business that wants to save costs associated with filing and managing documents, improve their availability, and at the same time strengthen document security. Fully-featured and simple to use, MaxxDocs delivers the tools needed to make moving from paper to electronic files easy.
TWAIN Import Import directly from any TWAIN compliant scanner
Kofax Import Import directly from any Kofax compliant scanner
Kodak Import Import using Kodak Capture Pro software
MFP Integration Access MaxxDocs directly from Sharp OSA and Kyocera HyPAS-enabled MFP control panels
Scheduled Import Scheduled import from network folder: Choose day, week, month and time of day, import to any MaxxVault folder
Barcode Reading Read barcode values and auto enter these values in the index form. Can be performed manually or as part of the import process
Barcode document bursting Separate incoming scanned pages into different documents when a barcode is read
Drag and drop import Drag documents from the desktop or a network folder directly into MaxxVault. Desktop client
Import via Browser Upload documents and index data right from your web browser
Scan Folder Folder dedicated to new, incoming documents. Once indexed they are sent to the appropriate standard folder
Standard Folder Folder capable of storing any number or type of electronic files
Customizable Folder View Users see only the folders that pertain to their tasks
Themes Customize the user interface color, document view, layout, etc. Desktop Client only
Tool bar location adjust Move the toolbars to just about any location that suits the user. Desktop Client only
Toolbar view customize Customize which buttons appear on the toolbars. Desktop Client only
Toolbar text config Show or hide the toolbar button text. Desktop Client only
MaxxFlow – Document Routing Configure structured document routing processes. Desktop Client only
Right click function shortcuts Right click on documents and folders to quickly access functions. Desktop Client only
Index Forms Set up the exact index fields values required for every document type used
Index fields Store all the metadata needed for proper identification of the document
File Name Indexing Write the document file name to a searchable index field
MaxxConnect Customized scan and indexing interface for Sharp and Kyocera MFPs. XML indexing support for: eCopy, PSIGEN, Canon, Cardiff, Capella IBM & Objectif Lune
Document Name Indexing Write all or part of the document file name to one or more searchable index fields
Folders As many root folders as required (by department, by customer, by patient, etc.)
Sub folders As many subfolders (and sub-subfolders, etc.) in each root folder as required
Make Index Field Mandatory Force users to enter a value in an index field when indexing
Hide Index Field Keep some selected field values hidden from general users
Read Only Index Field Prohibits changes to the index value
Index field label color customization Example: Mandatory field labels could present in a different color
Date select index field Calendar tool available for easier date selection
List select index field Select one or more index values from a custom list
External Database Lookup Database Lookup module that allows index data to be populated from 3rd party MS SQL DB
Index search Search for documents based on a particular index value or a combination of values.
OCRVault Use OCR technology to render scanned documents text searchable
Full-Text Indexing Full-text search of electronic and scanned documents
Index search customization Choose which index fields and folders to include in the search
Document index tab Properties window - quickly access all the index values for the document
Document notes tab Properties window - add notes here for more privacy and space
User Security Over 25 functions to allow or restrict
Group Security Over 25 functions to allow or restrict
Secure document from user /group Restrict access to documents to only certain users
Document history View user access and print history for each document
Email docs from MaxxDocs Email a document directly from within MaxxDocs.
Split documents Split pages out of a document into a new document
Merge documents Combine two or more documents into one document.
Remove pages Eliminate pages from a document (TIFF and PDF)
Re-order pages Change the order of the pages in a document (TIFF and PDF only)
Export documents Export documents from MaxxDocs for use in other systems
Rename documents Change the name of the document
Move documents Change the location of a document in MaxxDocs
Copy documents Make a copy of a document within MaxxDocs
Delete documents Delete documents from MaxxDocs to recycle bin or wipe completely
Print Send documents to any printer on the network
Print to TIFF file Print (convert) any type of file in TIFF format - choose with or without annotations
Print to PDF file Print (convert) any type of file in PDF format - choose with or without annotations
Launch to native application Open a document in the application that created it, i.e.: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc
Auto launch to native application Automatically open a document in the native application when selected
Native Viewer View documents within MaxxDocs directly (TIFF, PDF, JPG, GIF)

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