The simplest and most cost-effective document management system.

Just because a company or department is small doesn't mean they don't face the same challenge as larger ones. Managing an ever growing volume of documents is a tremendous burden on resources and a waste of money.

With MaxxDocs, smaller organizations – or those just testing the electronic document management waters – can enjoy the same benefits as larger organizations without upsetting the budget and now they can afford to manage their own private cloud!

    • Improved productivity
    • Simultaneous access to the same document by multiple users
    • Collaboration
    • Reduce the cost of paper storage
    • Reduction in copying and printing costs
    • Reduce shipping costs
    • Improved customer service
    • Greater document security
    • Improved record keeping
    • Business continuity
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Green technology

MaxxDocs is the answer!

Designed for virtually unlimited named users, MaxxDocs is the economical way to get started with a document management initiative. Because managing your documents digitally provides so many benefits, starting now delivers immediate process efficiency and cost savings. With an easy and familiar interface, organizations experience virtually no resistance or time wasted learning new processes. Now, enjoy the benefits of free scanning software as well as a freeware document management system in your organization!

Capture documents from virtually any source including: Multi-Function Peripherals (MFPs), TWAIN and Kofax scanners, network folders and drag-and-drop. Documents may be sent from any application using the Print to MaxxDocs feature. Upon import, documents are indexed for fast retrieval. With the user-friendly application administration tool, it is easy to create index forms for each document type to match the search requirements of your users. MaxxDocs also makes the indexing process even simpler by automatically reading index values from barcodes, support for 3rd party database lookups or by capturing the original electronic file name. MaxxDocs 6.0 also includes OCRVault Level 1 for all desktop users.

Documents in MaxxDocs are secure from prying eyes via user password. With the click of a button, assign each user or group of users a range of different roles, from View Only to full document markup. If there is ever a question about edits or changes, each document stores complete user access history. MaxxDocs also has a new module called MaxxFlow that allows for secure structured document routing. It's the easiest way to securely share sensitive information without having to email or print it.

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