Account Receivable Automation

Account Receivable Automation Over the counter, in the back office (mail/bulk) or in the lobby. GBS can offer several modes of receiving your payments.

Time is Money
Automate It
Reduce staff time
Reduced operating cost
Increase customer satisfaction
Reduce paperwork
Centralize operations
Receiving payments shouldn't be hard

How long does it take to process your payments? Automation of your accounts receivables can save hours in your day.

From the small office to the large corporation the receipt of payments is an important part of business which sometimes takes several hours to complete. GBS will help simplify this process with solutions from assisting customers over the counter or in the lobby to automation with the received mail payments.

Credit Card
Credit Card
Debit Card
Debit Card

Over‑the‑Counter Payments

Unify all incoming payment channels into a single automated workflow.

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With TPS Cashier, walk‑in payments from across your organization may be consolidated for consistent processing. Your back office operations can monitor the workflow and handle exceptions by logging into the TPS Platform. Check image deposit files are generated for transmission to your bank. Scanned images are archived and available for research.

Mail or Back Office Payments

Automate the data entry of receivables through the use of a desktop scanner.

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Checks and payment documents are stacked by transaction and fed through the scanner for imaging and information capture. The system uses MICR, CAR/ LAR, ICR, OCR, and/or Barcode to recognize data. This data is then used to populate the required fields for the accounting system and to create the electronic deposit.

After Hours or Contactless Payments

Using a self‑serve payment kiosk will help reduce the customer line at the counter and offer a safe acceptance of credit cards.

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More and more customers love the option of paying their bills at an automated self‑serve payment kiosk. They get the convenience of quickly managing the entire transaction privately, you get the added benefit of reduced strain on your counter staff.


"Girard's has not only automated our entire accounts receivables processing function, it has also significantly reduced the time and effort required to process payments."
New Richmond Utilities, WI
Accept payments by credit card, debit card, and electronic check all day every day

Internet Payments

Voice Response Payments

Our mobile payment solution uses only a smartphone and a QR (quick response) code or a web or email link for you to accept payments.

Digital Wallet Payments Made Instantly From Any Smartphone

"Girard's has always been able to meet and exceed our expectations and we are very pleased with the service and software they provide."
Kwik Trip, WI
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