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MaxxClerk features an easy to design workflow to route documents to the appropriate departments or associates. Once scanned or filled out as electronic forms, the file is completely electronic. Documents may be edited, notes can be added to them and other documents easily linked to the file. The processing of documents takes place on the computer screen. MaxxClerk immediately notifies the appropriate department staff by email that there is a new request requiring a certain action. The department clerk will have access to the documents right on their desktop - there is no need to transport paper files. Once the department clerk has completed their action, the request can be accepted or rejected. Depending on their choices, the document is routed through the workflow accordingly.


With MaxxClerk in place, the process of approving and granting licenses to applicants is quick and easy. Requests for licenses are scanned (or filled out as electronic forms), indexed and entered into a workflow queue for processing. The documents are then routed to the appropriate clerk(s) to begin the granting process. Documents may be edited, notes can be added to them and other documents easily linked to the file. Once the licensing department clerk has completed the file, it can be routed to other people or locations with the click of a button. Once the department clerk has completed their action, the request can be accepted or rejected. Depending on their choices, the document is routed through the workflow accordingly.

human resources

The Human Resources department deals with a wide variety of documents, most all of which contain personal and private information. It is essential that organizations properly secure and manage this information in order to comply with legal regulations and to avoid lawsuits. With MaxxClerk, securing applicant, employee and corporate data is easy.

As new resumes and applications arrive, MaxxClerk can be both the database and the filing cabinet. Using the index fields in MaxxClerk, the key skills of an applicant can be listed and searched quickly, presenting a short list of applicants instantly. The, with a simple mouse click, the resume can be displayed or emailed to the hiring manager.

Once hired, MaxxClerk makes finding all subsequent information regarding the employee a simple process as the documents share the same index values. Pulling up a vacation request is simply a matter of entering the employee name and the document type (vacation request). This is much quicker and easier than rooting through filing cabinets. MaxxClerk can also act as a repository for corporate forms, such as employee handbooks and insurance claims.

MaxxClerk also improves document security. Only those with login credentials to MaxxClerk can access the documents. As a result, if an unscrupulous employee finds themselves alone in the HR office they still won't be able to access the document or chance seeing something left out in the open.

council chambers

Cities and municipal governing bodies have to deal with financial, legal and social matters. To reach decisions involves a great deal of information, planning, discussion, review and compromise. While in the council chambers, council members may need access to information in reports, studies, emails, proposals, etc. that they may not have with them. MaxxClerk puts the full breadth of city documents at the fingertips of councilors or their staff right from their laptop. With a quick index or full text search, the required document can quickly be presented or even emailed to the other council members immediately.

With MaxxClerk's Version Control tools, changes can be made to all documents - including Council meeting agendas - right up to the last minute. Each change by each user is tracked and saved. Since the latest version is accessed by default, when Council agendas are published there can be no doubt that it is focused on the most pressing matters. Should an item cut from the agenda need re-instatement, with MaxxClerk it is a simple thing to call up the older revisions to restore the missing items.

facilities management

There is a great deal involved in managing public buildings and spaces. Plans, reports, and schedules all need to be carefully tracked. Each venue requires annual inspections, health and safety audits, and weekly maintenance reports. Many also have rooms or sporting facilities available for the public to rent. In other words, managing facilities also means managing a great deal of paperwork.

With MaxxClerk, managing this paper flow has never been easier. Annual safety and fire inspection reports can be filed directly into a MaxxClerk workflow where they are immediately sent to management review and sign off. Likewise, regular maintenance logs and reports can be scanned and entered into the MaxxClerk system from a small scanner in the maintenance department of each building. Because MaxxClerk allows for searching by index fields and document text, it is easy to find specific documents. In one quick search, all of the documents related to a specific incident may be retrieved. For example, in the case of graffiti vandalism, the police report, cleaning supplies ordered, photo of the damages and maintenance report would all be quickly found by index value or content. Additionally, MaxxClerk can be linked to your ERP or Computerized Maintenance Management system for immediate access to supporting documents.

Many public facilities are also available for public and semi-private use. Signed rental and lease agreements can be scanned for immediately routing to the clerks responsible for scheduling and ensuring payment has been made. And if there is a problem, the rental agreement is easily retrieved for fast dispute resolution.

If you have documents that need to be passed between departments or associates, MaxxClerk passes the files in a quick, secure fashion.

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