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Electronic Document Management (scanning)

Keep your documents in the Vault

Using MaxxVault Enterprise your documents and data are stored in a world-class Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) and are available instantly from your desktop, via the web, on your mobile device or from within your other business applications.

MaxxVault Enterprise can capture your documents no matter the source: scanner, MFP, Email, line of business software, or directly from Microsoft Office® applications. As your central library, MaxxVault organizes your documents based on index criteria, making them easily found via quick searches rather than fumbling through ling cabinets or complex folder trees. Better still, your documents are more secure. With multiple security options, Users and Groups can be assigned special security rights, from Read-Only to full administrator. In addition, all access and activity with each document and throughout the entire system is tracked. This in-depth auditing ability coupled with MaxxVault's rules for retention and destruction help ensure your company is compliant with government regulations.

Documents are not static. They contain information that must be accessed by several individuals or groups that may be in the same office or across the globe. From the moment a document arrives in MaxxVault it can be routed to any user following your business workflow requirements. Invoices can be processed for payment, insurance claims can be reviewed and colleagues can be tasked with editing a report. As changes are made, MaxxVault can track changes as a new version, allowing staff collaborating on tasks access to the latest version while ensuring that all previous changes are not lost.

Regulatory Compliance and Retention

Securing your documents is crucial to prevent the loss of corporate trade secrets and sensitive financial data. It is also important in order to maintain compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and Sarbanes-Oxley. To ensure that your documents are both safe and being handled appropriately, store them in MaxxVault Enterprise. Our security measures are powerful and granular, allowing security to be placed on the folder, document or even document mark-up. The MaxxVault security matrix supports Active Directory, so you can be sure that your users' security profiles are maintained across your organization.

Tools such as setting up retention schedules, legal hold and user groups are there to secure the integrity of your files as well as corral users so they do not have access to documents they are not approved to see. Even if users search for a document with the correct search criteria, documents that have a different security profile will not be returned in the search results. Retention schedules and legal hold make sure documents that need to be retained for legal reasons are not accidentally deleted, ensuring the integrity of your data and compliance with regulations.

In the back end, Windows NT security ensures that your files are not accessed through the folder structure.


Information Capture
Content enters an organization in many ways: paper, e-mail, system-to-system transactions, spreadsheets, paper and electronic forms and even text messages. MaxxVault features built-in components to capture, scan, retrieve or integrate with any content-producing system.
Information Management
Manage the creation, revision, approval, processing and consumption of documents more efficiently.
Storage and Preservation
Your company content is secured for easy back-up and archiving to ensure business viability.
Powerful search and retrieval is achieved via reliable indexing, taxonomy and repository services. Locating information in MaxxVault couldn't be easier.
Ensure your content is captured, stored, managed and disposed of following proper business practices.
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