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Workflow Management

What Is A Workflow Automation?

Workflow automation is the automatic routing of items based on pre-determined business rules. As the workflow items reach their destination, the relevant user(s) are alerted and given the proper information to complete their task. Once completed, the system automatically sends the information through to the next checkpoint in the workflow, all the way through to completion.

Reducing the manual requirements within your workflow will increase process predictability and decrease errors.

Regardless if you have a simple or complex workflow requirement, you can quickly and easily pass documents throughout your organization.


All organizations need to move information from person to person and place to place in order to complete day-to-day tasks. As the world shifts more and more to knowledge workers, getting information to them quickly and efficiently is essential to success.

The primary benefit to automating workflow is the efficiency enhancements which MaxxVault Enterprise gives you over your structured processes. Manually transporting paper documents or retrieving them from files takes a large portion of a worker's day. Also, paper files - of which there may only be one copy - can be lost, misplaced or misfiled. Having only one copy means either only one person can work with the document at a time, it is expensive to replace if it is lost, or copies have to be made, increasing expense and the need for storage space.

Larger organizations with several locations and smaller, home-office based "virtual" companies will also benefit from having a central storage medium that is accessible via the web. Tasks assigned to a worker will be available to the worker no matter where they are. There is no need to send documents by mail or require staff to navigate collections of documents that are on the server, their laptop and in various emails. The document they need simply appears in their workflow in-box.

Workflow isn't always a 'connect the dots' straight path. That is why MaxxVault has the ability to adjust the workflow based on rules set by you. Depending on the information contained within the document, different people may be required to be added or removed from the process. MaxxVault can recognize these differences and route the document according to the predetermined rule. Alternately, the users can enact an exception tool to route the document outside the workflow if necessary.

  • Route documents between users or groups
  • Alerts to new tasks via email
  • Custom email templates per user task
  • Alerts / reports on status
  • Auto triggering of workflow based on index values or status
  • Flexible to create new processes
  • E-signatures
  • Workflow user options are Approve, Reject, Forward, Reassign,
  • Completed or create customized options
  • Terminate and start new workflow process
  • Document Checklist feature
  • Tracking and overview
  • Password-protected tasks
  • Mandatory Notes option